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Hydro from Municipal Water Supply Myth 4: Residential-scale microhydro-electric systems have the reputation of being the holy grail of home renewable-energy RE systems. While they lack some of the hype, magic, and bling of solar-electric photovoltaic systems, microhydro systems are a simple technology that most people can understand…at least in general. Modern microhydro equipment comes from proven technology based on designs that have changed very little over the decades. Pelton and turgo wheels, the typical spinning water-wheel component, were invented in and , respectively. The point is, this technology has proven its reliability and functionality with more than a century of performance. The cost of these systems, and thus the cost of the resulting electricity, also has the reputation for being very reasonable when compared to other renewable or home-generated sources. While PV module prices have recently dropped, they are still a high-tech and expensive commodity.

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The news comes as Premier Christy Clark is touting an imposed cap on rate hikes to about 17 per cent over three years, despite the utility’s request for a per-cent increase. At a press conference Wednesday the premier called the move a “common sense decision” that will still allow BC Hydro to pay off the billions in its deferred accounts.

We’re finding a way to pay down the deferral accounts,” she told reporters Wednesday. The ministry says that about half of the increase in deferred expenses is related to the smart meter program, expenditures on the Site C dam proposal and conservation programs. Just last fall, Auditor General John Doyle expressed alarm over the massive amounts of expenses that BC Hydro has deferred to future years through a practice known as rate-regulated accounting.

According to the auditor general, the utility has used deferral accounts to cover things like foreign exchange gains and losses, negotiations with First Nations and environmental compliance.

4 POWER PARTNERS Power Partners single phase, oil-filled, pole-mounted dis-tribution transformers are specifically designed for servic-ing residential overhead distribution loads.

But for these changes to go smoothly, it needs the support of the public. And the upcoming rebuild means those bills will only get higher, with the average consumer expected to see 32 percent increases over the next three years. One TV spot showed a child intentionally leaving the tap running all day long, and a woman taking a single bite from an apple before throwing it on the ground and biting another. The Power Smart branding has been in market since , which is why it has lots of traction, Dyson says.

Last October, BC Hydro kicked off Power Smart Month with a stunt in downtown Vancouver that saw two actors living inside shipping containers at the busy corner of Georgia and Granville for a week. The spaces were furnished to resemble condos, each with a living room and kitchen area that included a refrigerator, computer and TV. Organized by Vancouver-based experiential agency Smak, the stunt garnered attention from passersby and media alike.

Each execution saved over kilowatt-hours of electricity. Over the holidays, the utility did Christmas light home makeovers in several B.

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In addition, it is not environmentally friendly. Renting a gasoline power generator for powering power tools, etc. Propane This is a reasonably good alternative power source for heating your cabin. However, it will not provide you with electrical power unless you have a gas-powered generator we will not go there. Wind Power Wind power, although fairly abundant in some areas, can be quite expensive to setup. Also, if your property is located in a wooded area like mine is , you will need to place the wind turbine on a high tower for it to perform as expected.

MANITOBA. Manitoba Hydro’s AMI Pilot Project. We ran an AMI pilot project from to Although the pilot is over, the smart meters remain in service to provide information for customer moves, inquiries, and other operational activities.

Whats Next Appliances , boilers , Condensate , Furnaces , High Efficiency machub Most new residential and commercial heating and hot water systems include a furnace, boiler or domestic water heater of the high efficiency condensing type. Condensing appliances extract additional BTUs from the water vapor in the flue gas. When the flue gas drops below its dew point of approximately degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to condense and the resulting liquid is acidic and requires treatment to avoid damage to piping systems, sewerage systems, treatment facilities, septic systems and other items it may come in contact with.

What do you think the bottom of the trap looks like? More than likely there is no bottom. A general rule of thumb, one gallon of condensate is produced for every , BTUs of input providing the appliance is operating in full condensing mode. If an appliance having , BTUs of input operates for hours annually, it will produce approximately gallons of condensate. The acidic level of the condensate is measured as its pH. Most condensate from natural gas appliances will have a pH of between 2.

The actual pH will vary according to the actual chemical makeup of the fuel that is being burned.

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It asked for four months’ worth January to May of records “which relate to any spillage or release of water from reservoirs behind hydroelectric dams which are owned or operated, in whole or in part, by the British Columbia Hydro and Power. That’s the equivalent of Sean Holman, an award-winning investigative reporter and founding editor of PublicEye , told The Tyee that without knowing the details of the request, it’s hard to know whether or not the fee estimate is appropriate.

Holman added that, “when it comes to these kind of documents, what we are paying for is the amount of work that goes into censoring records. In Macdonald’s response to COPE, he wrote that “we believe that many of the records you have requested may contain information that is subject to one or more of the exceptions to disclosure contained in the Act.

Since the BC government has left taxpayers on the hook for even more investment risk and assuming that the actual cost to BC Hydro of power production is the THE OIL AND GAS SECTOR COST THE BC The BC Government Goes For Broke With Your Money.

You cannot hope to bribe or twist Thank God, the British Journalist. It seems that this applies equally to our political writers with the odd, very odd exception, right here in Lotusland. In , Bill Bennett retired after 10 years as premier through some tough economic times with the province in good shape financially. In a very careful move, he demurred on Site C after a referral to the BC Utilities Commission and even though in those days there was not the prospect of backup from alternative sources, there are, in fast growing terms, today.

Writer after writer, scientist after scientist, every international economist you can think of said that this was all nonsense. It was sheer drivel, yet the more Clark was told this, the more she and The Brains jumped into the 1st Class section and visited their valuable contacts in Asia — the ones not in jail — and got more assurances of even more sales. But, in fairness to Christy, maybe the government overspent on health, education, welfare, help to children, assistance to women in distress, the homeless, the mentally ill, and those of our fellow citizens in distress who needed our help.

I, for one, am ashamed — good God, if this is how we treat those in need during prosperous times, what will happen when the inevitable recession or depression comes? What a crock of barnyard droppings.

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Talk about BC Rail being plagued with insider sell offs. Enron was the disastrous result of the United States trying to privatize it’s energy. That rise and fall is the perfect example of corporate corruption leading to investment fraud.

Mar 19,  · In the the area I was looking at, any acreage under 10 acres needed a field system. If you were going to get a loan to purchase a property under 10 acres that had an existing sewer pump out you would be required to change to a field system to meet standards.

We offer a family friendly campground facility with kayak and paddleboard rentals, accessible boat launch, playground, on site store, and pavilion for group picnics. The Comox Peninsula on the east coast of Vancouver Island is spectacular at any time of year with miles of shoreline to explore and great recreation opportunities for all ages. Cape Lazo is perfect for a weekend, a week or even months of camping in the Comox Valley.

Arrive by land, sea or air: The campground offers a convenient central location from which to explore the island and is located on the local bus route. Nestled in the woods, the RV sites are easily accessible for large units and have water, power and septic hook-ups. Tent sites vary from very sunny to partly shaded. Walk-in sites are accessed by a ring road.

We have 2 small unfurnished sleeping cabins that sleep 2 adults and a child comfortably. The cabins have power and water onsite, and one is situated on a large site that can accommodate a RV or tent at additional cost. Campground amenities include amp power, flush toilets, showers, WiFi internet, a playground and friendly campground hosts. Leashed pets are welcome.

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Guy sailing The guys supporting a sailboat mast are called “standing rigging” and in modern boats are stainless steel wire rope. Guys are rigged to the bow and stern, usually as a single guy. Lateral guys attach to “chain plates” port and starboard attached to the hull. Multiple guys are usually installed with spreaders to help keep the mast straight “in column”. Temporary guys are also used on a sailboat , a fore-guy is a term for a line rope attached to and intended to control the free end of a spar.

On a modern sloop -rigged sailboat with a symmetric spinnaker , the spinnaker pole is the spar most commonly controlled by one or more guys.

Hydro Tech Power Washing is a mobile power washing company in Vancouver, BC. We power wash buildings, machinery & equipment. Call to schedule service today.

Winnipeg rises to a challenge Thelma, who never misses the suppertime news, tried to strike fear into the hearts of her nieces, Tina and Sarah Fontaine. In the end, even she was unable to protect Tina. Police divers discovered her by accident: The year-old mother of seven had been beaten and stabbed. Thelma, an eloquent mother of three, and her husband, Joseph, had been caring for Tina and Sarah since they were three and four, when their father, Eugene, was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Their mother had left the girls as babies. Eugene had been raising the girls on his own in Winnipeg, where he worked at a tire plant. He knew the girls would be better off with Thelma, his aunt, who had helped raise him. In a handwritten note dated Nov. Math was her favourite subject. Her boyfriend was deaf; the pair communicated by texting. Eugene was a constant presence.

He never missed Christmas or a birthday.


Water damage is the number one reason strata owners make an insurance claim, so some strata corporations are now lowering their insurance costs by increasing their deductibles and forcing individual condo owners to pick up the cost. So if a flood happens in your suite that causes damage to others you personally are on the hook for a quarter million dollars. The Insurance Bureau of Canada wants the province to change the rules to prevent stratas from downloading insurance costs onto individual condo owners.

Vice President Lindsay Olson said condo owners can protect themselves by talking to their strata corporation about its insurance deductible. Potential condo buyers should insist on seeing a copy of the strata’s insurance policy before making a deal, and be diligent on knowing whether the strata has changed the rules. The deductible can change annually.

As BC Hydro lost needed electrical capacity to backstop its new intermittent power supply, it was forced to seek new capacity or “firm” power, the type traditionally provided by hydroelectric facilities like Site C.

In fact, in this regard, the public are greatly indebted to Norman Farrell, Arthur Caldicott, Erik Andersen, Tom Rankin, John Calvert, author of Liquid Gold, Damien Gillis, myself and, on the question of Site C, people like Harry Swain, who have been steadily reporting and commenting, faced by stony silence from the government, since or earlier. In fact, according to Premier Clark and the brains of the outfit, Deputy Dreamer, Rich Coleman, thanks to Liberal policies of perfection, we had absolutely Sooper-Dooper times.

BC Hydro HQ During this period, Hydro has been borrowing large sums to pay yearly dividends to the Minister of Finance for his annual cooking of the books to make it appear that BC has a balanced budget, a noteworthy piece of fiction in a government noted for fiscal legerdemain. Unforeseen catastrophes aside, there are only three possible answers as to how Hydro could lose all this money: Moreover, never forget that this is a tightly controlled Crown Corporation and the government runs it using its own pet poodles.

Andrew Weaver, the leader of the BC Greens who has always supported this scheme, told me they only used water wheels! If you also guessed that Hydro must have to sell a lot of excess power at large losses, you get a gold star on your report card!

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As expected, some people don’t like my answer. However, I assure you that the wires are not as dangerous as popular ignorance imagines. Climb up and have a close look at the wires you will be near. If the utility is on the ball, they will be completely wrapped in insulation with no exposed metal—except for the neutral—and the connections between the utility wires and the leads to the meter socket wrapped in electrical tape.

If the wires are old, possibly there is some cracked insulation, maybe even seriously cracked enough for some bits of conductor to be exposed. If cracking is serious or there is substantial cracking, call the utility and have them upgrade or wrap the wires.

ROSS MOORE LAKE π SALMON LAKE π SALMON RIVER SCOTCH CREEK SCUITTO LAKE SETON RIVER (includes BC Hydro Power Canal upstream of the dam up to signs located on Seton Lake) 40 3.

In reaction, the NDP minister of course noted that the overruns and mistakes had all occurred before the New Democrats took office. Hydro has also made significant investments in systems and staff to improve contract management and understanding of contractor performance to allow better project management on all B.

Hydro project known as Site C? As for the ILM, though the arbitration award itself is confidential, Hydro promises more detail on lessons learned and final project costs in a completion report to be filed this summer. Nor is this the first time that a major transmission line has gone wildly over budget. Bennett also had this explanation for over-runs on construction: In the mountains of B. Who could have foreseen such a thing?

Hydro to determine how this happens.

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